Planet Amarizku Education

Original text in Spanish – translation Dominika Plenzler

Our aim is that our client become “the artist” with all essential knowledge and integrity in order to achieve success. The course objections are that he not only receives a 360 formation and training, but he is fully integrated in those areas demanded or dictated by his environment.

Whit that in mind we prepared two courses

The first one Coaching Course for Musicians is dedicated to the emotional intelligence. Our coach and trainer, María José Díez has got over 13 years experience. He will teach you how to achieve success and improve relationships with your colleagues. This is an interactive training process, during which techniques related to psychology are being used. Among them how to cope with decision-making processes to improve your results and accelerate your pace of development. Throughout the coaching course that is tailored to meet musicians’ need, we will help you to establish and set your objectives by optimizing your activities. As an outcome you will be making better decisions and fully use your natural abilities.

With a simple exercises you will be able to manage stage stress and overcome fears that hold you back. We will help you to get the best out of yourself through mental and emotional coaching. You will be able to improve your personal performance as well as your relationships with colleagues. You will able to define realistic goals and objectives harmonising with your personality and talent.

Our expert’s recommendations are:

If you wait to put the notes in your life that say you are worth, if you fear of the competition, if you beat yourself over head of what others think and how they perceive you, if you think just a few have found “the golden key”, if you scared of flying because you might fall, if you think there are dreams never to be fulfilled, if you feel the lack of direction in your life and your life seems out of your control, if the sheet of music that you play is not the same you feel in your heart, and you are struggling to get it all out the way you feel it. If it feels like a physical pain, if you suffer from insomnia when you ignore it, it makes you sad and doubt that you were meant to be a star STOP!!! You can!!! We will enable you in that transformation so you will be able to live out your dreams. You still might not know where it takes you, but if deep inside of you have this hunch if the remote possibility that it Is achievable then … iF YOU CAN DO IT BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU WANT and CAN DO ”

The next training we have prepared for you is developed around Musicians Rights. Dynamic workshops organized by our expert Esther Bottle public speaker, experienced in Internet law since 2001,
This great professional guidance to musicians, artists, directors in all legal aspects of the world of music.

Moreover, our students will be trained in:

  • The knowledge of different types of licenses.
  • How to Register your work.
  • What are Legal requirements to consider when giving consent to upload your work in different aspects of music platforms.
  • How to share consciously your music on different Social Networks.
  • What is Data Protection Act.
  • About LSSI.
  • What to consider when signing with promoters and record labels.
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